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We are a blossoming micro flower farm, located on Tiwa land in Albuquerque, NM. We sell our locally grown flowers at farmers markets, pop-ups, and direct to florists. We love sending you home with our dirt gems and helping you share the language of flowers with your loved ones.

The spirit of regeneration is at the heart of Lucky Dirt Blossom Farm. We’re committed to farming practices that improve the health of the soil, pollinators, and each other. We love growing familiar favorites like sunflowers, marigolds, dahlias, and zinnias as well as incorporating varieties that will become your new favorites into our bouquets.

We are endlessly curious about the abundant uses of our plant allies and delight in growing as many native, herbal, medicinal, and dye plants as we can get our hands on. We are humbled by all we have learned and continue to learn about the land and its gifts from indigenous science. This project is the culmination of a lifelong obsession with the magic of flowers, plants, and nature that we hope to share you and yours.

Warmly, Meg

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